Programs and services for seniors

Senior’s Sneakers

Same date and time, two different locations, and different exercise intensities! The Seniors Sneakers Program is for people 55 or older who want to keep active during the winter.

Seniors’ Sneakers Otterburn Park: Starting October 2nd to December 11th, meet us at the Otterburn Park Legion on Mondays from 10 to 11 a.m. for an hour of light chair exercises adapted for seniors.

Seniors’ Sneakers Saint Bruno will be a bit more intense than the classic relaxed session in Otterburn Park. Starting October 2nd until December 4th meet us at the Saint-Bruno Legion on Mondays from 10 to 11 am for an hour of moderate exercises adapted for seniors.

A fee of $20 applies for the Fall session. To participate, check our website calendar and register! For more information, contact us.

Bilingual Conversation

The French-English Bilingual Conversation group is a great opportunity to share experiences with others and practice your language skills! Come to this chat group every Wednesday morning from 10 to 11:30 a.m. at our Community Space.

To participate, check our website calendar and register! For more information, contact us.

Art Hive: Knitting and Workshops

Empower and share your art skills! Come to our free art space for dialogue and bonding between members of all ages.

Our Art Hive Knitters have their own name: The knitting wits! Come to knit with this wonderful group in our Community Space.

Are you interested in learning different skills every month? Join our upcoming Art Hive Workshops!

To participate, please refer to our website calendar and register!

Walking Group

Every week on Monday mornings, the Senior’s Walking Group walk in different locations throughout the Vallée-du-Richelieu area. At 10 am, the group meet at a meeting point and walk for about an hour. This activity is free and open to every one.

To participate, check our website calendar and register! For more information on the monthly schedule and meeting points, contact us.

Trivia Night

Every third Tuesday of the month, MEPEC hosts an online Trivia Night.

We invite you to put your thinking caps on and join us to test your knowledge. Team up with your family, in the comfort of your home, and answer a series of questions.

All the rules and procedures will be explained to the participants at the beginning of the activity. So, get your team ready and sign up now!

Intergenerational PEN-PALS

MEPEC will help to facilitate meaningful exchanges between school-aged children and seniors of our region to encourage literacy and social connections. We are looking for 15 to 20 seniors participants.

You can choose how many children you would like to write to. The time commitment for each child would likely be between 30 minutes and 1 hour. We have 3 teachers from the Riverside School Board interested in the letter-writing campaign.

Grade 2 – They want to perhaps write cards as their writing isn’t very developed currently. (English)
Grade 3 – They would participate if it can be done in French


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