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MEPEC’s mission is to serve the interests of the English-speaking population in the Monteregie East region. To achieve this, we connect, collaborate, communicate and facilitate with citizens and community partners.

Connect to the English community


Connect with and represent the English-speaking community (ESC)

Work in collaboration with citizens and public, private and community organizations.


Work in collaboration with citizens and public, private and community organizations

Communitcate with the English community


Improve communication between the ESC and local service providers

Facilitate access to English documentation and services.


Increase opportunities for the ESC and facilitate access to English documentation and services

Upcoming Event

Our very own
MEPEC Youth Ambassador!

Hey! I’m Logan and I’m from Beloeil! I am an English-speaking Champlain College student in the Media and Communications Program.

I’ll be reaching out to Youth ages 15 to 21, and addressing topics on everything from Mental health to Diversity and everything in between. I will be letting you know what Social Services are available to help the Youth in our community.

You will be able to Follow Me on my Ambassador journey via Tik Tok and Instagram, STAY TUNED! #mepecyouth

MEPEC Office closed

Attention Under the current circumstances, the MEPEC office will be closed from January 4th until further notice. Please note that…

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