Bursary Program

The Health and Social Services Community Leadership Bursary Program

With funding from McGill University, MEPEC is very pleased to offer the Health and Social Services Community Leadership Bursary Program. The Bursary provides a financial incentive for students from the Montérégie East region pursuing full-time studies in health and social services at a Quebec government-recognized educational institution to return to (or stay in) their region to work and serve their communities after completing their studies.

This bursary aims to reach students with English and French language skills who are pursuing full-time studies in the area of health and social services and who have demonstrated a commitment to, and involvement in, their community.

Eligibility Criteria – the McGill Bursary is open to full-time students from the Montérégie East who:

  1. Are Canadian citizens (or permanent residents) who have resided in Montérégie East for at least 2 years (24 months);
  2. Are able to provide health and social services in both French and English in a health and social services institution in Quebec;
  3. Are pursuing secondary school vocational training in the area of health and social services;
  4. Are studying in a government recognized educational institution located INSIDE or OUTSIDE their home region
  5. Are registered full-time during the 2021-2022 Academic year
  6. Are committed, following completion of studies, to work in Montérégie East region, or catchment area of MEPEC, in a public health and social services institution or related organization for a minimum of one year per bursary awarded

For more information, visit the McGill Dialogue Bursary website and/or contact us.

To accommodate the multiple starting dates of vocational training programs in Quebec, vocational training bursaries are offered throughout the academic year. Students may apply for these bursaries at any time. Community Networks may submit applications from students from vocational training programs at any time. Visit the Dialogue McGill Student Bursary Forms website to complete the application and submit it to MEPEC at [email protected].

 Please note that the Bursary Program is not applicable to students who are:

  • registered in independent or non-degree programs;
  • registered in distance and on-line training programs.

Useful Resources

Careers – Avenir en santé is a website that offers 45 of the most popular career choices and many more in the health and social services network, where there are plenty of job opportunities. The health and social services sector allows you to choose a profession according to your interests: over a hundred career possibilities are available to you!

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